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Pornstars Ava Akira vs Phoenix Marie, who’s the best?

When I was told by one of the administrators that Natalia Starr Cherrypimps.com was a done deal and that she would start performing on their network, and when I say performing I mean that she will be having live sex like it were a porn video only that it is being streamed live on it happens, I was absolutely exhilarated, not only is she one of my favorite porn stars, but I have actually met her and we have sat down and had a few drinks together not too long ago, and therefore when you get to know somebody and in this case when you get to know an adult model and then you see her having sex it’s all so much better, but then you see her having sex live, and that makes things absolutely outstanding. You got a loving, I have been watching live porn on this network for the past two months, I took the one month membership and I am paying less than a dollar a day to be a member I get to see all the live porn that I want, I am getting to know porn stars a lot better because when they all live nothing can be edited and therefore bloopers, conversations, and a lot more is not cut out.

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So along with Pornstar Asa Akira that is my second best most favorite porn star there is also naturally now as well, who is my first and most favorite porn star if it is not the two that I have already mentioned? Well that would be Lexi Belle I indeed have an extremely soft spot for her not only is she gorgeous but she also has sex like no other woman that I have ever seen before.

So if you want to check out some of the Live Pornstar Shows you now know exactly where to find them.

Porn Fans, these site are a “Got To See”

Let me ask you this: What is the most popular term that is used, or better still is searched on the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!? The answer would be, 11% of all searches are two specific keywords that are: Porn Tube. I know I was a little shocked myself when I read the reports, and these reports are the official reports that come from the search engines and not from a third-party and therefore they are credible to say the least. The adult entertainment industry is an industry that five years ago would have made around $2 billion per year while today with all the new technology and all the possible things that technicians and porn site owners have invented to expand the business has brought it up to $7 billion in sales every year. And when I say technology I mean on both sides where who is selling porn actually invests a lot into making this service is better but at the same time also the improvements on the viewer’s side, in other words the high-speed Internet is improving on a daily basis and costs less, a lot less than it used to back in the turn of the millennium.

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Then you have the life porn websites, there are some that actually do have real Pornstars that all working for them, it is a bit like watching a porn video but with the only difference that it is actually live, it is happening right there in front of your eyes, while you’re watching she is taking the cock. It was unthinkable even two years ago that a network and as far as I know there is only one network so far that has gathered all the most famous porn stars and place them all on one website, that’s how insanely crazy it is but it is also very true it is a reality and from what I see it is the brand-new trend. In adult entertainment.

Like I said however, there is Live Porn and then there is live porn star shows and above I have explained the difference between them and for your curiosity I have also linked a few of these websites in this blog post so that you can go and check them out for yourself and actually see what I’m talking about. See it’s a lot easier that I provide links to these websites while I’m explaining to you all the new stuff, so that while you’re reading you can actually click and it is a lot easier for you to understand if while you’re reading you also have the product that I am talking about right there in front of your eyes.

Black pornstars now making “LIve” porn videos

I was searching on Google three days ago for Black and Ebony Free Pornstars Videos, I’m not black myself that black women rarely turned me on, I guess it was because the first woman that I had sex with at the age of 18 was actually black, she was Afro British, that was the time when I was living in Great Britain her name was Sharon she was 20 years of age and was simply amazing, up to date after almost 15 years I have never had a blow job better than what she gave me as my very first. What is that got to do with anything? Nothing really but it is a story that happened to be sure you were or work of blogs you would be trying to let people know of your past adventures as well right? Or maybe not well!

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Anyhow I landed on the page from Google that had Live Pornstars and these famous women, these famous and popular whores were actually scheduled one after another to have sex live on WebCam, in other words these bitches were not just recording a porn video that would be placed on DVD, they will also broadcasting Porn video live for hundreds of thousands of members to see while it was actually happening, while it was actually going, a true porn live video.

The costs to sign shockingly low, and that’s why I have linked the websites at times in this blog post in order for you to go over there and check it out for yourself, I really don’t want more to this shallow breathing because I want you to see your eyes and see that they are really offering Live Sex product and that product is being created by real live pornstars. It’s not some college slut that needs money for tuition, these are professional, famous, and loved models from the adult industry and they are like I said several times having sex live right in front of your eyes.

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